Saturated Fat: Navigating the Controversies

Monday, October 19
2:30 PM – 3:30 PM (Central Time)
CE: 1.0
Level 3 (advanced knowledge/expertise)
Activity Code: 157624

This session will describe the current evidence and controversies on the topic of saturated fat intake. Speakers will discuss and compare the current evidence and recommendations for saturated fat from the World Health Organization, Dietary Guidelines for Americans, American Heart Association, National Lipid Association, and findings from the Academy’s Evidence Analysis systematic review. Historically, recommendations for saturated fat intake have been developed to help address and reduce the incidence of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. Previously developed saturated fat recommendations have been challenged in the recent years due to limitations in available evidence such as the role of food source, type and amount of saturated fat, health status of the population studied, inter-individual and inter-population variability, length of observation, and lack of generalizability. This session will examine the current evidence and its limitations and guide practitioners through the saturated fat evidence maze with a two-pronged approach: dissemination of the current body of evidence on saturated fat and its limitations; and distribution of tips on implementing knowledge into practice to reduce confusion for both practitioners and the patients to improve patient outcomes.

Learning Objectives:

  • Evaluate and Synthesize the current state of evidence and evidence-based recommendations for saturated fat consumption.
  • Identify the limitations in the evidence supporting current recommendations for saturated fat consumption.
  • Utilize best available evidence on the health implications of saturated fat consumption to guide shared decision making with patients and clients.

Performance Indicators:

  • 6.2.3 Interprets data to make recommendations and
    to inform decisions.
  • 4.2.4 Investigates alternative explanations for
    deficits and/or issues.
  • 8.1.2 Applies knowledge of food and nutrition as
    well as the biological, physical and social sciences in


  • Saturated Fat: Navigating the Controversies -

    Lisa Moloney, PhD, RDN

    Nutrition Researcher

    Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

  • Speaker(s)

  • Saturated Fat: Navigating the Controversies -

    Sarah Johnson, PhD, RDN

    Associate Professor

    Colorado State University, Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition

  • Saturated Fat: Navigating the Controversies -

    Jo Ann Carson, PhD, RD

    retired professor

    UT Southwestern Medical Center