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Attendees joined leaders in the field for engaging 15-minute discussions on hot topics.

Trend Watch: The Sober Curious Generation

Dry January, Sober Spring and similar seasons are being designated by the under 30 crowd. This presentation addresses the who, why, and what of the sober curious movement as well as how dietetics professionals can reach this audience with healthy lifestyle programs and services.

What Can You Do to Prepare for the RD Exam?

Discover ways you can best prepare yourself for the RDN exam, with guidance from a recently credentialed registered dietitian! This discussion will include consideration of COVID-19 in preparation and the exam experience.

Understanding Privilege

Learn the basics of the concept of privilege, plus how fostering awareness of privilege in yourself and others can lead to self-improvement and better practice.

How to Turn the Practice of Self-Forgiveness into Self-Compassion

Theresa is the Mental Health Resource Professional for the Behavioral Health Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group. She is also an Advisory Board Member for the Didactic Program in Dietetics at San Diego State University, and is responsible for nationwide training of Center for Discovery treatment teams in mental health and disordered eating. Theresa is a private practice dietitian in San Diego, Calif.

No one needs to “forgive” themselves this year. No one gets a medal for “eating the healthiest” and no one wins for being “most committed to an exercise regimen.” It is time to stop wearing dietary habits as a badge of honor. Ditch the guilt and start pouring gasoline on growth and compassion–it is better for your health anyway, as Theresa will explain.

Theresa Carmichael

THRIVE: Myths and Strategies for Financial Success

Ben is a guest editor for Food & Nutrition Magazine’s popular THRIVE series. Ben is a certified financial planner and founder of Cove Financial Planning — a fiduciary, fee-only Registered Investment Advisor focused on comprehensive financial planning and socially responsible investment management. Cove works with clients in Milwaukee, Wis., and Evanston, Ill., as well as virtually across the country.

Ben will draw upon strategies and concepts presented in Food & Nutrition Magazine’s popular THRIVE series on financial planning and independence. Content may cover balancing cash reserves and debt payment strategies, saving for retirement, investment planning, weathering financial uncertainty, and finding a credible expert to help plan your financial future.

Ben Smith