CPEU Opportunities

All registrants have access to FNCE® On-Demand for a Full Year Post-FNCE®

Logging CPEU from the Virtual Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo

When logging CPE for Virtual FNCE®, log each educational session or event individually, not the conference as a whole. There are multiple learning formats offered throughout the conference. These formats correlate with different activity types, set forth by CDR:

171 – Lecture/Seminar
130 – Exhibits
180 – Posters
175 – Recorded Pre-Approved CPE

Performance Indicators have been assigned to each FNCE® session. This information is subjective; feel free to select those that best correlate with your Professional Development Portfolio (PDP) needs.

Educational Session Certificates

Each session on the FNCE® schedule will have both a live and code 175 CPE certificate. Here are guidelines for when you should use which certificate:

Live CPE Certificates: Use this certificate if you attend a session during the time block it was originally aired. You must tune into the session during its scheduled time block to count live CPE credit.

Code 175 CPE Certificates: All sessions will be available for on-demand viewing immediately following their scheduled broadcast time. Please use the Code 175 certificate when viewing a session on-demand for self-study. For example: if you watch a session Monday night that was originally aired on Sunday at 11:30am, you should use the code 175 certificate. Please note, all CPEU Sessions are available on the virtual site.

Calculating CPEU

60-minute sessions = 1.0 CPEU

Exhibits and Posters Certificate

Complete the date and amount of time spent on the Expo floor.

E-Posters (Activity Type 180) do not need to be listed separately. One may record several posters that relate to the same Performance Indicator as one event. For example, logging e-posters viewed on a given day at FNCE® can be logged as “FNCE Poster Sessions”. One half (0.5) CPEU is equivalent to 1/2 contact hour (30 minutes).

View the infographic below to learn more about CPE Opportunities at FNCE® 2020.

FNCE 2020 CPE Infographic