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Amy Wootton, RD, LDN


Amy Wootton, RDN, has over 20 years of experience in clinical and food service nutrition management for acute and long term post-acute care. Nutrition informatics has been a driving factor in leadership success. From early in her career she realized technology would be key to developing systems and processes which awarded her innovator recognition. Most recently, Amy has been with MatrixCare for the past 4 years working closely with both the clinical product line and the food and nutrition software solution MealTracker. An active member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Chair for the Interoperability and Standards Committee for 2019-2020, an executive member for the new Nutrition Informatics DPG, participated on Nutrition Care Process Toolkit Workgroup, presented at FNCE in 2018(Upgrading or Switching to a New EHR/ Implementing eNCPT & Clinical Terminologies Workshop). Accomplishments include a Leadership Award from the Florida Academy of Dietetics, co-authoring Consensus Recommendations for Optimization of Electronic Health Records for Nutrition Care, and participating in the development of HL7 standard, Electronic Nutrition Care Process Record System. As a veteran nutrition software product leader who realizes that product is not simply software, that it is the entire experience and series of interactions that an individual, business or healthcare system will have with the goal of enacting lasting change towards a healthier lifestyle, she is determined to advocate for nutrition in the technology experience. Amy is a dedicated leader and is passionate about the success of nutrition interventions as an electronic solution to the healthcare crisis.


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